Arch-Militant Par Excellence


Karina is a tall and slender woman with long dark hair. She keeps herself in extremely good shape with constant exercise. She wears finely crafted carapace armor at almost all times and is never armed with less than a bolt pistol. An ornate cape protects her from the elements and prying eyes.

She is a person of few words and prefers to let her bolters speak for her. When she does choose to speak however she should be listened to closely as she clearly has something to say. She cares little for those who abuse their position or prey upon the weak and feeble minded. If asked to defend any of her past decisions her reply would be that they felt right at the time.


Karina was born on Charon IV, a planet that was as deadly as it was beautiful. Because of this violent untempered nature and lack of natural resources it attracted only a particularly malevolent element and was settled by crime lords. As a child Karina grew up in the stronghold of one of these crime lords, an immense bloated creature known as Vorgen the Foul for whom her family worked. When she reached maturity she boarded one of his ships and became a raider, for it was that, or stay there and become something far worse.

She served Vorgen well for years raiding many ships, plundering many planets and making him even wealthier than he already was. All the while however she seethed and plotted against him. He was a monster and the things he made her do were even worse. Finally aboard the raider “Dark Grace” she turned against him and seized control of the ship with a band of like minded mutineers. Their plan was to then escape to the core worlds where Vorgen couldn’t reach them. Halfway there however they encountered an Imperial cruiser. At first they thought they had made it to safety, but the cruiser turned out to be controlled by the Inquisition and despite their protests they found themselves judged to be heretics that needed to be destroyed. After a vicious battle they crash landed on a nearby planet and were assumed to have all perished.

They had not all perished however. Many of the crew including Karina survived the initial crash landing. With their ship little more than scrap, no way of contacting help and few supplies though things were grim. There was nothing on this planet after all. No water. No food. No shelter. Inevitably they eventually turned on one another to survive. When Karina was finally rescued more than a year later by a survey crew she was the only one left worth saving. The few others still alive were all stark raving mad from their deprivations and the never ending game of kill or be killed they had been playing since the crash.

After being rescued from the desert planet Karina spent several years working her way up mercenary ranks. Always careful not to take a job too close to Charon IV she managed to stay one step ahead of the crime lord who sought after her for stealing and later destroying his finest ship. In time she became known as one of the premier mercenary lieutenants and came to the attention of the Rogue Traders. Signing on with what she believed to be the one least likely to get her killed, she plans to turn his meager military contingent into a force to be reckoned with, and in time seek out her enemies and annihilate them.


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