His Excelsior Magnificense Jarrion Khan

A Young Brash Rogue Trader Trying Pick Up His Father's Business


His Excelsior Magnificense Jarrion Khan


Skills: Awareness, Blather, Carouse, Charm, Climb, Commerce, Common Lore (Imperium), Concealment, Contortionist, Decieve, Disguise, Dodge, Evaluate, Forbidden Lore (Xenos), Gamble, Inquiry, Literacy, Logic, Pilot (Space), Scholastic Lore (Astronomy), Scrutiny, Search, Silent Move, Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Trade Cant, Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader)), Swim, Tech-Use

Profit Factor: 40

Talents: Peer (Nobility), Peer (Administratum), Decadence, Air of Authority, Pistol Training (Universal), Weapon Training (Universal)

Special Abilities: Ettiquette (+10 Interaction tests), Staggering Wealth, Vendetta (Kulls), Superior Connections

Weapons: Best Craft Las Pistol (1d10+2E, Range 30m, ROF 5/-/-, Clip 30, Reload full, Spec RELIABLE)
Best Craft Mono Sword (1D10R, Pen +2, Spec BALANCED)

Gear: Reliquery of St Drusus (+20% interaction with Ministerium), Microbead Void Suit, Fine Clothes, Xeno-Pelt Cloak, Best Craft Storm Trooper Carapace


The Marigold Gazette
Folton Hammereld
Staff Writer

(Khan Family U-Scioning, OleGron Hall)-His Excelsior Magnificence Jarrion Khan, son of the indomitable Volamiger Glowen Khan has donned the mantle of his late father today in a magificent gathering of place-planet-here‘s elite and the question on everyones’ lips today is, “Can the young merchant prince live up to the highly esteemed and incredible legacy his father leaves behind?”

The young prince arrived this evening “fashionably late” and if fashion maven Ignatz Velkana is to be believed, “Fashionably Extraordinary!” Immediately upon his arrival I observed a murder of young and not so young debutantes of industry and commerce throwing themselves at the Prince of House Khan in an embarassing (but not unalluring) display of bourgeois womanhood. A few titillating “wardrobe malfunctions” will certainly be the talk of the tabloids in days to come! Jarrion, though mercifully politic in his dealings with the hopeful young women, kept them at arm’s length. The young prince either prizes his bachelorhood, or, more likely (given his occasional pained expressions) he finds the feminine buffet spread before him a little quaint or even “rural”.

As a product of the elite upbringing on central planet insert-home-plane-there, and an alumni of Helgama Academy for the Excellence of Men the prince has never really been out of the social and political limelight, but a certain escapade at the age of 16 made him a household name. Together with the Scion of House Kull Wolver Candescent Kull III and other young wealthy men from his academy Jarrion took off in a small space yacht on a journey of dubious intent. Dubious indeed it became, as the Scion of Kull did not return with the rest. Prince Jarrion has yet to account for Wolver’s disappearance to the satisfaction of his father, His Multi-Farious Eminence, Wolver Kull II. I have from a reliable source that the cloak that Jarrion (may he forgive this humble reporter for the familiarity (I have three children!)) wears to this very gala is made from the pelts of some unknown exotic beasts he discovered on his mysterious adventure, and that his cargo hold was full of such treasures upon his return!

I hear through the grapevine that the young prince has recently cemented his relationship with his father’s old friends, the House Sindalar during his trip to our humble world and has even won the loyalties of some of his host’s employees— so far without retaliation.

Good luck Sweet Prince, may your successes be the successes of us all.

His Excelsior Magnificense Jarrion Khan

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