Chrys presents a tall frame draped with an sparsely adorned dark robe. The loose manner with which the robe hangs prohibits thoughts of corpulence. The large hood is drawn low over the face hiding the forehead and obscuring the eyes in shadow. The little that can be seen reveals a pale gray complexion. Cavernous sleeves likewise conceal the hands. Occasionally, one can glimpse a hint of ill fitting gloves.

When standing, Chrys leans on a dark metal staff whose surface is covered with odd, swirling patterns. When walking, it is with a disconcerting gait, though not unusually quick or slow. To those paying attention, the outlines of his limbs can be seen making surprising angles with the rest of the body. His attention, on the other hand, is not gained easily. Chrys often appears lost in thought, deeply concentrated on something no one else sees. If he chooses to speak, it is in hoarse tones of a man desperate for hydration.

Buried somewhere in the folds of the robe is a hellpistol and various other necessities. Underneath is xeno-mesh armor.

WS: 34, BS: 36, S: 29, T: 38, AG: 40, INT: 45, PER: 51, WP: 54, FEL: 32
Mutations: Strangely jointed libms, Membranous growths


The Navis house Citium had fallen on hard times. When a lucrative commission to guide supplies to a distraught colony presented itself, Diodora felt compelled to take it despite her pregnancy. Her spouse, Rufus, wasn’t enthusiastic about the voyage, but she planned to return quickly and the money was vital. She took charge of the navigators on the “Cornucopia” and sailed into the Void.

A couple months into the trip, they were beset by raiders. Diadora managed to guide the ship away, but the damage it sustained made the escape its last trip into the warp. The “Cornucopia” reentered normal space far from any known routes and began to drift aimlessly. Chrysippus was born a few months later.

The survivors opened the cargo, which was plentiful enough to last them for a vary long time. Diadora resumed her research into the nature of the warp. Years passed and when Chrys became old enough, he joined in her studies. Eventually, they were found. However, their relief was short lived as the first ships to find them after a decade and a half of isolation were craven scavengers. They stormed in, and started taking all that was valuable.

Diadora and Chrysippus hatched a plan to hide him among the likely booty with the intent of finding Rufus and then returning to find her. She elected to remain, as the location of the drifting “Cornucopia” was very conducive to to her research. Soon afterwards, Chrys was a stowaway on the “Chum Bucket.” A couple of years and few ships later, he reunited with his father.

Joyous meeting quickly gave way to an urgent rescue mission. Mustering all available resources, they headed out to find Diadora. Upon arriving at the coordinates Chrys left they found empty space. For months they circled and searched to no avail. The “Cornucopia” was gone.

After returning home, Chrys completed his studies and hired on with the Khan family. Much of his salary flows back to the Citium house, helping to sustain the clan and fund the search for his mother.


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