The death of Volminger Kahn opened up a opportunity for his son, Jarrion Kahn, to take his hereditary claim to the family’s Warrant of Trade and thereby granting you all of the rights and responsibilities of a Rogue Trader. He, and his closest allies: family Navigator Chrysipus, dangerous yet resourceful arch-militant Karina, steadfast and brilliant techpriest Azrael-Durst were summoned to Port Wander to take over the ownership of the familial vessel, the San Diego and continue in the footsteps of Jarrion’s forefathers.

Our Introductory Adventure

As a One-Shot adventure, our explorers were acquainted themselves with one another, meeting new allies and traveling on Friedrick Sindalar‘s Cruiser, The Phoenix. Sindalar was an old friend of the player’s Rogue Trader dynasty and he was frequently described by the Rogue Trader’s father/uncle/patron as having, “put the rogue in Rogue Trader, boy!” Many tales of Sindalar’s deeds were embellished upon Jarrion and in his household Sindalar almost became synonymous with words like pirate and cheat (though always in a good naturedly fashion except when your patron was losing at Kings).

Through brave endeavor, our supine heroes saved “The Pheonix” from heresy and the lure of chaos. Winning crew and officers for Jarrion’s ship. But what did the void hold for them? It called to Jarrion and his officers like a siren…

This simple adventure sparked something in Jarrion’s chest. He will live the dreams of his forefathers and surpass them all.

He shall be the legend!

Here Be Dragons

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