Mendicant Order of Saint Jormin the Eviscerated

Father Jormin Alcibiades had formerly been a well respected and revered intellectual within the Ecclesiarchy. He was an extremely educated man who authored many works on the histories of the Imperium’s missionary endeavors and the complications of maintaining spiritual purity within a stagnant society. A common theme in his works stated that the times for which the Imperium experienced the greatest times of internal peace coincided with the near zealous expansion of the God-Emporer’s holy word. Corruption and apostasy, according to his findings, became rampant when the Imperium of Man’s outward expansion halted or slowed. In 789.M41 at the age of 155, Father Jormin left his comfortable offices for that of a lay preacher, extolling his message to the masses in an attempt to inspire a new age of expansion for humanity – for the sake of assuring the purity of the Imperium.

In 793.M41, Father Jormin had a following of roughly 2000 supporters who claimed to be his disciples and who strived to inspire mankind to take up the holy crusade for the preservation of the soul of the Imperium. Disillusioned with the apathy of the masses they preached to, Father Jormin and his disciples took it upon themselves to spread the God-Emperor’s word by hiring passage on a rogue trader’s barge for passage into the great void in search of the lost colonies of man and to take the holy word of the God-Emporer to the worlds beyond.

By 813.M42, Father Jormin and his disciples had made contact with several outlaying Imperial colonies and had been instrumental in settling at least 2 previously uninhabited worlds. His presence in the Calixis Sector was received quite well and his reputation as being a revered holy leader became established by many of the missions he left behind on numerous worlds. Father Jormin met his end on the planet Harrow in 814.M42, a victim of a dark ritual performed by Eldar raiders who ambushed colonists shortly after their arrival on the planet. Harrow had been one of many planets listed as forbidden to colonization so any transportation to the planet was in breach Imperial Naval Law.

The presence of a random Imperial Navy patrol in Harrow solar system is the only reason why any of Father Jormin’s disciples are alive today. Investigating a strange warp emission in the area, the Navy patrol picked up on several transmissions from the infant colony and investigated the colony’s presence. Vid captures show the Eldar ritual at its apex, with Father Jormin being eviscerated from the inside by some insidious magic while being held up by four Eldar with a fifth is conducting the ritual and spraying Jormin’s followers with his blood and entrails. The entire colony had been chained to anchors in the ground and forced to watch the ritual, many were in a state of frenzied terror when Imperial forces landed and took the colonists in for questioning. An investigation by the Ordos Xenos found no corruption or taint on any of the survivors of the Massacre of Harrow.

An investigation on the identity of the rogue trader is who provided transportation to Harrow is still under way. Jormin’s sainthood has yet to be officially recognized by the Ecclesiarchy though his martyrdom is certainly viewed as a holy sacrifice. In any case, his followers and many in the Calixis Sector refer to his memory as Saint Jormin.

Mendicant Order of Saint Jormin the Eviscerated

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