The Scalpers

Clan of Primitive Savages


The “Scalpers”: A tribe of perhaps 500 death world savages which serve aboard the ship in all manner of low tech capacities, but particularly as front line assault troops. On their home world the sky was always full of lightning and every plant and animal was fanged and posioned. The few scant resources available had to be garnered through war and conquest. Life was short and unpleasant. The only thing they had to live for was battle and an honorable death. To show their might and power they would scalp the heads of their fallen enemies and wear the pelts around. Aboard the ship things are much more pleasent but they still maintain many of their local customs and have had a hard time giving up the constant raiding that was intrinsic to their native lifestyle. To maintain their edge they rountinely release mutants and fierce captured animals into the maze so they can hunt them down and kill them. The strongest amongst them duke it out every so often to determine who will lead them and the winner serves until he is killed or beaten in single combat.


The Scalpers

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