The Royal Honeydippers

Our noble custodial cult


The custodial crew of the “San Diego” have a small and quite visual presence as well as a foul reputation to all non-officer crew members but due to historical tradition they are given wide berth for their ‘eccentricities’. The habits of the 400 strong clan begin their strangeness by demanding that all non-officers use their official titles, often referring to themselves as the ships royalty with such titles as “Duke”, “Baron”, and “Earl”. To the outsider it would appear that the higher the title the lower or more repulsive the duty but to the clan the more revolting duties bring greater honor. Mock regal clothing is often donned and several of them wear crowns and a small number of them are prone to demanding that those who wish them to perform bow/curtsey beforehand. Such titles/habits are used by the officers but never with airs. Nonetheless, with the common crew though a level of reverence is demanded.

The historical emanation of this custom stems back to an event some 800 years ago, that few members of the ship save the honey dippers care to mention called “The Year of The Stench” in which the ships human waste disposal system because horrifically backed up. It was after great effort on the part of the custodial clan including (over 50% casualties to their number…cause of death: “drowning”) that this situation was resolved and the thankfulness of the crew allowed the savvy remaining custodial clan to make a few poorly accepted changes on the ships rules log. Their current “King” Huward the 15th has been known to “bless” those who fail to give proper respect to his “nobles” with an severely powerful douse of water pressure in the latrines. Most officers find this amusing as they are never the recipients of such treatment. Huward may one day overstep his boundaries though…


The Royal Honeydippers

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