The Phobes

Clan of Xenophobic Warriors


The “Phobes”: A clan of a 1000 hardy warriors who function as marines and make up a large amount of the boarding parties and security details. Their credo is “Death to all Xenos”. This credo stems from the fact that they come from a hive world that was infilitrated, attacked and ultimately taken by Xenos. Those who escaped onto the San Diego were the only survivors as the Xenos systematically slaughtered everyone left on their planet. Because of the loss of their home world to aliens they have no use for them and hate anything that isn’t strictly human. They are fierce survivors and are always prepared for the worst. They typically carry everything of any real importance to them at all times just in case they have to abandon ship or are otherwise not able to return.

Every year on the anniversary of the day they were rescued from their besieged planet they give thanks to the Arch Militant that saved them. This day is called Heikki Kovalanian Day and is their most sacred holiday. It is celebrated with drinking and prayers of thanks to a Statue of the long dead Arch Militant which stands in the deepest most guarded section of the Barracks.


The Phobes

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