The Bootlickers

Clan of Servants


The “Bootlickers”: A small clan (Maybe 300) of interrelated crewmen whose main duty seems to simply to be an everpresent bother with their meekness and subservient behavior. By ancient mandate, because of some long forgotten slight by one of their ancestors, no member of their clan, is allowed to even hold the rank of yeoman. Because of this they are relegated to performing the most degrading shipboard tasks and the lowest possible forms of drudgery. Millenia of being constantly trode upon and abused has left them totally servile and without any sense of shame. They typically speak in the third person and are known to publicly flagellate themselves for the smallest error. They refer to everyone above them (which is basically everyone) with the most honoric of titles and praise. They are largely useless having almost no training in anything and typically used as personal servants, guinia pigs or for suicide missions. They have no real leader as they are all too humble to accept such a position. They are tolerated as a sort of warning to others.


The Bootlickers

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