The "Thing"

Nightmare come true and nearly unstoppable it stalks the corridors of the space hulk "Twilight"


This hulking nightmare monstrosity moves in a blur of motion unnatural to any living beast our heroes have ever seen. A shining combination of bruised flesh and black-purple carapace it moves on 3 toed claws climbing rapidly along walls and ceiling as readily as it walks on floors.

It strikes lighting fast tearing into anything living about it with inhuman celerity. Akiro managed to spy a shining piece of gold near to where the creatures heart might be if it was human.


The origins of the beast have yet to be determined but our heroes have guessed it to be Xenos, Hullghast, or Demonic in origin. It matters little as it only seems to wish to kill and consume every living thing about it.

The "Thing"

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