Rodrigo Kahn

The long lost black sheep and ill-reputed legendary boogeyman of the Kahn line


Rodrigo Kahn was by all acounts a very naughty naughty boy.

His countanence was that of a man who was very much a Kahn. Powerful, magnanimous, and more than a little egocentric. Rodrigo however, was also very proclined to enhance the family’s fortune at all expenses. His laughter, much like of the Kahns would fill the room, but instead of bringing mirth, it brought unease. His commands were very Kahnlike as well but insead of inspirational his words often drove by means of fear.

The only remaining portrait of the man showed that he very much resembled Jarrion. Especially his eyes.


Although most record of his deeds have been removed from the record of the family (which the family insists if was their own doing and not say…the inquisition’s.) the few remaining details float about in hushed wispers among the children of the clan and sometimes as warnings from adults in the guise of terrifying morality plays or warnings of an evil man who will come to take them in the night. These stories are passed on from generation to generation of children and given the predilections of children have been highly embelished over the years.

Such stories include the killing of his own family, eating babies, and enslaving an entire world. No proof that he ever committed.

What records that do remain show him as more of a pirate and less of a rogue trader. His political and economic maneuvering often put the family line in jeopardy and the damages he caused reputation wise took the better part of two centuries to fully repair.

Rodrigo dissappeared some 250 years ago exploring realms unknown. His ship “San Husei” a twin to the “San Diego”. Fortunately the familial writ of trade was not on his ship at the time and went to other (better reputed) family.

He has not been sorely missed.

Rodrigo Kahn

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