Preacher Klaus Vandross

Klaus Vandross is the defacto leader of the Feudal Pilgrims from "NAME"


A humble and simple preacher from a feudal world leading a group #000 strong of men, women, and children from the feudal world of “NAME”. His faith may yet be a boon to Captain Kahn.


3 years ago a regional lord, Baron Lorx, on the planet of “NAME” designated with a significant sharehold suffered a series of plagues and famine. Post his tithe to the imperial guard he found that his holding were too many and that the peasants would be starving to the point of rebellion soon unless he managed to remove a significant number of them.

Luck and fortune for that lord would have it in the form of a merchant following the imperial tithe ship offering to take a large number of the peasants (allowing him a more manageable even under conditions of rebellion) to the stars on a pilgrimage. Baron Lorx took his least useful peasants (excess farmers and a few lazy guards) and his preacher, a boring young man by the name of Klaus Vandros with moderate charisma and perhaps the only source of leadership a rebelion might enable.

10 years later they have wound up in the Koronus expanse. Barely getting by but with dreams of finding a pilgrimage locale. Their latest voyage took them under the hold of a dubious captain (who actually intended to sell them as slaves unbeknownst to them) to the point of the Maw waypoint known as “The Graveyard” where they were waylaid and scuttled after the pirates took any useful crew they did not kill and without any food or water.

To the strange fortune of Klaus himself he was rescued by Jarrion himself and now his pilgrims have a temporary home in the cargo hold of the “San Diego”. Jarrion’s plans for them are guessable but relatively wholesome.

Preacher Klaus Vandross

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