Magos Frank McCrae

Tech-Priest, specializing in Advanced Geller Field Manufacturing, Warp Propulsion Theory and Radiation Dampening Technology


Frank McCrae was born on Forge World Beta-Secudus of the Signarion System. Most known for its manufacturing of interstellar drives and Geller Field Generators the Adeptus Mechanicus operates under a unique Imperial decree which permits the indentured servitude of the Imperium’s citizenry. McCrae became indentured to the Adeptus Mechanicus yet somehow managed to keep his birth identity separate. This allowed him to draw upon a double salary as the planet’s Imperial decree declared that any human not consigned to the Adeptus Mechanicus would be awarded a salary and pension for living on the forge world to encourage continued migration to the planet. Such actions are not uncommon and are often the result of an oversight of the overworked Administorum, yet since Frank never sought to correct the error and was still drew a second salary over a 100 year time span after having formally being admitted into the ranks of the Tech-Priest, his actions indicate a predilection for heretical and subversive tendencies.

Investigation over McCrae’s finances showed that most of his additional income went towards augmenting his human body. His progression through the ranks of the Tech-Priests of Mars are quite unremarkable until he corrected an error that resulted in a drastic increase of energy efficiency in propulsion factory he was stationed in. He claimed that the great machine spirit spoke to him and had awoken certain parts within his still human mind to lead to this discovery and claimed to have insight in improving warp propulsion. From this point on McCrae rose through the ranks at an accelerated rate. McCrae’s discoveries eventually led to his assignment to Cygnus X-31 and the station’s renovation as being purely a manufacturer of Geller Field Generators to a facility designed to test and improve upon older designs.

Magos McCrae was slain by an assault squad before Cygnus X-31 was destroyed.

Magos Frank McCrae

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