Lucretia Kahn

The long dead great (x7) aunt of Jarrion Kahn


Lucretia Kahn, although never a Rogue Trader herself was the daughter of Rodrigo Kahn and ever-present ill-reputed spinster in the palatian family homstead of Jarrion. Despite that few she has few kind words for any of member of the family she did take a shine to young Jarrion.

Lucretia was remembered as a pale anchient woman with papery skin dressed in opulent but garb. Her rich clothes and quarters seemed to eminate dust as if the years themselves were mocking their decadent wealth. She was not a large woman but commanded a strong presence about her…albeit one that made many feel uneasy about her.
Young Jarrion would often visit her forgotten quarters of the manse to have “tea with Auntie”. She would bombard him with stories of her father’s adventures, often painting him as a glorious hero and not the sinister malcontent that the rest of the family labled him as. Her comparison of Jarrion to Rodrigo was constant and still haunts him to this day.

Although he remembers little of the stories of Rodrigo, he does remember a portrait that Lucretia showed him one evening. The resemblance, especially around the eyes, was uncanny.


Lucretia was never a rogue trader herself. She was a spinster that was disliked but tolerated by the rest of the Kahn clan. She has been dead some 20 years after living (thanks to life-prolonging treatments) some 240 years.

She would have made a good rogue trader no doubt if she would have ever been given the chance…but her father’s ill repute prevented the writ from going to her. There were rumors that she was a sorcerer but these were never proven and even after her death many of those rumors were laid to rest. By all known evidence she was merely a bitter old woman with a nasty reputation and the only child of a rather wicked man…

Her father and her were regarded as a sort of boogeymen for the children of the clan and she would often scowl at all in her presence. Despite being a clan elder her opinion was seldom sought but acknowledged with genteel respect when given…mostly out of fear from the old witch.

Lucretia Kahn

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