Jessica Ambrose



A young, efficient, and attractive woman who served as Vice Seneschal on Friederick Sindalar’s flagship, The Phoenix and has recently been awarded the position of Seneschal on Jarrion Khan’s ship, The San Diego.


Her father, Sindalar’s Seneschal, was murdered when Sindalar was attacked during a secret trade negotiation. She feels that there has been information that has been held from her and she does not trust Rahu Nail or Guillame Du Prieste, believing that they are plotting to take over the Phoenix.

Believing that she would be able to find more answers as to her father’s death and Sindalar’s betrayal, she petitioned Jarrion Khan to become a member of his crew. Jarrion agreed and she has moved to become the Senescal of Jarrion’s Frigate, The San Diego.

Jessica Ambrose

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