A newcomer to Footfall and leader of a small clan of ship refitters.


Prehaps the only honest and capable repair team on footfall, Jagan leads a band of capable men with secondhand tools. He does not appear to be unscrupulous but is not popular with the other repair crews on Footfall…mostly due to his brash honesty.


The bold questioning and steadfast scrutiy of Jarrion lead him to meet Jagan, perhaps the only reputable provider of repairs on footfall at this time. Despite the den of theives and ripoff artists that cater to the area Jarrion secured his services and found out that he and his family are newcomers from the Scarius sector either fleeing from someone or seeking a new life in the distant stars.

They reached a quick agreement and repairs for the San Diego from the previous adventure on Cygnus 9 were completed in a week.

Jarrion secured his servies and paid him a 20% bonus for his honesty. If he survives and thrives in the criminal jungle that is footfall he may very well be an invaluable contact.


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