Friar Z'Tang

The leader of the Mendicant Order of St. Jormin the Eviscerated


Friar Z’Tang is the leader of roughly 4,000 disciples who have taken up lodging in one of the ships compartmentalized cargo holds. Upon establishing the captaincy of the ship, Friar Z’Tang requests an audience with the Rogue Trader. Z’Tang had made a tentative arrangement with the acting Seneschal while the ship was in port for transportation to a habitable planet. Z’Tang explains that the order is a missionary order whose purpose is to go out and consecrate planets into the God-Emperor’s fold. Z’Tang insists that his followers have the skills to be self sustaining and only needs the transportation of the fabled RT so that the God-Emporer’s Will is spread.

Father Z’Tang and his followers were released upon the planet Eden after Jarrion Khan rediscovered the planet during his initial foray into the Expanse.

Friar Z'Tang

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