Dr. Hans Reinhardt

Adept Logister, with specialties in Warp Taint, Human Cell Mutation, and Medical Sciences


A tall, light skinned man with a slim build and dark hair. Dr. Reinhardt’s eyes have been registered as being biogenetically enhanced though he still wears a clunky pair of spectacles which provides with various magnification settings and spectral readings. At 6’ 2”, Dr. Reinhardt is a paragon of health hosting no other enhancements and moves with a spry step.


Dr. Reinhardt’s file describe him as a brilliant man who has excelled in academia while using his family connections to place him in positions of study that typically are reserved for those who have multiple years of professional experience. Originally from Oberon Secundus, the Reinhardt family is one of means and is known for their overly generous contributions to the Ecclesiarchy and medical research facilities in Oberon’s agricultural communities. The family owns a number of patents on gene splicing and grafting vat-grown artificially enhanced body parts to human tissue. Reinhardt’s early professional life is punctuated by his placement in many auspicious positions and prosperous endeavors, many of which has increased the family’s ownership of medical patents and Reinhardt’s recognition as an expert on human cell mutation. He is quite driven and even though he has managed to successfully use his family connections for personal gain in his professional life, it should not undermine his ability as one of the sector’s top ranking medical experts on warp taint and human cell mutation.

Dr. Reinhardt’s career took a drastic shift when he petitioned the Adeptus Mechanicus to open a medical research wing on the Cygnus X-31. The Cygnus X-31 was a research facility designed to manufacture and improve Geller Field Generators. Dr. Reinhardt’s request was to use the stations proximity to a relatively stable warp emission to conduct further tests on the effects of Warp radiation on human cells. What marks this as being such a drastic shift was that Dr. Reinhardt was forced to agree that any findings or advancements made thru his research on board the Cygnus X-31 would ultimately be owned by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

It has been hypothesized that such an addendum was intended to turn the young scientist away but Dr. Reinhardt accepted and enlisted several experts into his medical crew.

Dr. Reinhardt was slain before the space station Cygnus was destroyed.

Dr. Hans Reinhardt

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