Crow (Deceased)

Tracker, one of the Scalpers


Crow’s body rots on the “Twilight” forever lost in the void and being gnawed on by who-knows-what.

“Farewell Crow” -Jarrion


Crow was a tracker who assisted our brave officers of the “San Diego” in their hunt for the hullghasts and ghillam in the black holds of their ship. He was wounded horribly in that hunt but became a staple tracker for our noble heroes.

He accompanied them on their trip to the “Twilight” space hulk and assisted in identifying some tracks detailing a fight between some black guardsmen and some gigantic three-clawed beast as his final tracking duty. The next and Crow’s final encounter on the Hulk prooved to be his last as he was gunned down in the madness crossfire between the beast and a small army of Chaos pirates.

He left behind a rather homely wife and three very homely children.

Crow (Deceased)

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