Captain Seventus Wintermount

The son of the Grand High Admiral, Lord Kailus Wintermount and a complete bastard


He is of normal athletic build with a regal aquiline nose and constantly wearing a heavily decorated Cadian Navy ceremonial captain’s uniform including his signiture tricorn hat with a distinct razor feather stemming from the left side. His face, despite being very handsome, sneers with every conversation and he laughs only at the misfortune of others and his own terrible jokes…often joined by the nervous laughter of his crew who have learned to avoid all eye contact.

He is the captain of “The Shining Hope of Cadia”…a monsterous and austentatious battle cruiser.


Seventus is, for lack of a better word, “a brat”. A man who has been given a career on a silver platter. A noble of nobles who looks down his nose at all and has never had need nor want of anything as he is usually privided with more than he needs before asking.

He has skyrocketed through the ranks of the Imperial Navy mostly because of his ability to secure severe amounts of firepower to deal with threats that cannot hold a candle to such might.

Although he hails from the center of the quadrant he has not been there for years prefering to move from outlieing sector to outlieing sector destroying all threats he either assigns himself to taking of is assigned from forces outside. Any questioning of him meets disdain and or violence…when that doesn’t work he drops his father’s name.

Dropping his father’s name has never failed.

Captain Seventus Wintermount

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