Azrael Durst

A paragon of a tech priest. Trained to be perfect in every way. Too perfectly in fact...


Azrael appears bery much to be the archetype of a tech-preist. Robed constantly with his red tech-preist garb and sporting flawless cybernetic additions guilded with anchient copper-colored gold leaf.

The key not of his physical appearance that differs from other tech priests is his heavy bolter often carried suspended from his servo arm in preparation to be braced for combat and his cool and constrained curiousity that signifies him as an exporator.

He conducts himself in a nearly emotionless state save for times when his anger is aroused. Usually this is due to either Xenos being present or in defense of his captain/the machine cult. Even when researching the things he loves the only display of his affection is his dilligence as his countenance does not chance.

Often he will give his captain hints towards profit, but underlying to this may very well be the (mutual) benefit to both Jarrion as well as the Machine Cult. In serving Jarrion he advises often on all matters technical and operates as the San Diego’s chief engiseer…often conducting repairs and aiding other crew members.


Azrael was raised to be the machine instrument of the Omnisiah with a solid duality: of perfect machine mind and flawless machine body. He has been driven by his superiors and driven himself to be a combination of brains and brawn and disappointed none of them. He is both fanatically loyal to the Omnisiah and to his captain (in that order.)

In his past beyond his excelled studies under highly acclaimed magos on the Lathe Worlds of the Calaxis sector he also served with the Skitarii Guard in a remote outpost on Ganf Magna surveying the land for mineral (specifically metal) deposits to enrich the metal-less planets tithe well beyond its abundant polygum output. Despite a lack of success in this endeavor he did come well into being a seasoned combat veteran among the savage orks there. His love for the effective bolter bloomed into a passion for heavy bolter…so much that he has had a servo arm added so that he can tote one around in preparation for defensive ranged combat…his forte in the combat arena. The only thing equal to his love for this is his raw hatred of Orks, who he blamed for the unsuccessful survey mission. (Truth be known, there is no metal on Ganf Magna and no survey crew for the past 400 years has been able to find any deposits whatsoever. Although Azrael believes otherwise still…)

This love of bolters and combat is seconded to his fascination with archeotech…especially teleporters. He strongly is motivated by such archeotech and his education and training have but one purpose: to best reap the undiscovered riches for the glory and fortune of both the Omnisiah and to his captain (once again…in that order.)

Azraels perfection has one obvious flaw and that he is a perfectionist to an uncomfortable degree especially regarding his research on archeotech…perhaps to even being to the point of obsessive. His own shortcomings obsessively haunt him and force him to better himself…perhaps to the expense of his humanity.

Despite his mechanical origins he is quite proud of his recent successes as a tech preist including the slaying of the star spawn on space station cygna and has been recently quoted as saying “How you Like me now???”

Azrael Durst

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