Akiro seems to be older than he truly is. As a result of the Soul Binding Akiro lost the use of his eyes which are seen as blackened skin that cover where the eye sockets had once been. He stands 5/6", is bald and is most commonly seen in a mismatch of Imperial Guard Flak Armor, a shock staff and a solidly built Stub Automatic.

Home World: Ignatius Prime (Imperial Shrine World)
Birthright: Child of the Creed
Lure of the Void: Duty Bound
Trials and Trevails: Dark Voyage
Motivation: Endurance

Talents and Traits

Unshakeable Faith may reroll any failed WP test to avoid Fear
Armor of Contempt reduce Corruption Points by 1, -10 interactions with non-Imperials
Heightened Senses(Sound) gain +10 bonus to any test specifically involving sound
Rite of Sanctioning (Warp Ghosts) When rolling on Psychic Phenomenon chart (p.160) may substitute his tradmark result for the effect rolled on the table, so long as he does not roll Perils of the Warp

Akiro was born on an Imperial Shrine world where he was raised in the faith that the God-Emperor was humanity’s only hope against the retched xenos races that plagued the universe. He spent his youth in study and following the strict purification rituals in hopes of one day being worthy of joining one of the missionary castes that his home planet of Ignatius Prime is known for.

According to his declassified records released from the Black Ship, Akiro never felt that the visions and apparitions that he was witness to was anything unordinary. Apparently the youth had convinced himself that the visions he received were messages and insight sent from the God-Emperor, Himself. He recalled being visited by many apparitions of saints and famous missionaries who had braved the stars and brought the teachings of the God-Emperor to the ignorant masses that humanity had forgotten or lost. Occasionally he’d hear voices chime and echo throughout the hallowed halls of the various shrines and temples while staring up at the colored glass representations of saints and holy men.

The records also indicate that he was quite resistant to the fact that he was born a psyker and that his visions had nothing to do with the God-Emperor but his corruptible soul. His time spent on the Black Ship molded him into a tool of the Imperium, eventually binding him to the God-Emperor’s service as one of the talented Astropaths who ultimately maintain the integrity of the Imperium.

Akiro was left at footfall after having served under Captain Worthering who commanded a small merchant vessel. Why Akiro was left at the station he can only speculate, but Akiro feels quite fortunate that His Excelsior Magnificence Jarrion Kahn saved him from the dregs of Footfall.


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