Here Be Dragons

The Phoenix

Arrival and Introduction

The party is lifted up to the Phoenix via one of the Phoenix’s planetary shuttles. Secretary Lugan has been instrumental in organizing your personal possessions and having them stowed within the Phoenix’s cargo holds. He’s also made every attempt to make your wait comfortable while Friederick Sindalar’s business is being completed. Over the past weeks you have dined with the planetary governor of Furud and the planet’s nobility on a nightly basis. Entertainment of all flavors have been provided to you to the point that the sycophants have become to weigh on your patience and you look forward to taking up your reigns as Rogue Trader to your own vessel.

Jessica Ambrose is present when the shuttle lands inside of the Pheonix. She is dressed in a form fitting costume of stately attire of dark greens and deep reds. A raised collar that rises above her head made of colorful feathers and exquisite ruby earrings. Her forearms are also decorated in gold weave and ruby ornaments. She is a young woman with auburn hair and good looks. Her youth, however, is a surprise for the position that she seems to wield upon Sindalar’s Flagship. She bows demurely and welcomes RT, his staff and the Interrogator (in High Gothic) to the Phoenix on behalf of His Illustrious Servant of God Emperor, Friederick Sindalar.

Also present are 2 rows of uniformed servicemen who stand at attention and have a military bearing about them. Last is an officer who is standing ramrod straight until Jessica indicates him and introduces him to the RT as Lieutenant Commander Rahu Nail. She explains that Sindalar apologizes for not being able to welcome his guests aboard the Phoenix in person but he is currently trying to wrap up some final dealings before they set off into the Warp.

[[b:Jarrion Khan]] will be given a state Suite that connects to a number of rooms which his staff will be placed in. Outside of the players personal belongings the majority of their property will be stowed away in cargo for the duration of the trip. Clothing and close personal items will, in essence, be all the characters need.

Rahu Nail will turn to the Interrogator and apologize for the sudden change of plans. He claims that Sindalar must have a good reason for leaving orbit before schedule and he promises that every attempt will be made to make sure the Interrogator is comfortable. He is also aware that the Interrogator had business aboard the ship but he will allow him to conduct his research in transit.

All in all, the cast introduction went well. His Excelcior Magnificense Jarrion Khan did manage to slightly embarrass himself coming off of the transport shuttle (botched roll) but this seemed to be overlooked by Sindalar’s crew (at least in the open).


Blabble Rodell

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