Here Be Dragons

The Koronus Expanse is the name given by Imperial authorities to an unexplored region of the Halo Stars beyond the Calixis Sector. The Expanse is accessed through the Koronus Passage, a treacherous but navigable route through the great warp storms that bar passage to the Halo Stars beyond the way station of Port Wander. The Expanse is a realm untouched by the God-Emperor’s Crusade many millennia ago and so it is a realm of fearsome xenos, treasures beyond imagining, heathen worlds of men and the echoes of ancient doom. (RT p. 336)

Port Wander resembles a small cityscape which acts as the last way station before one enters into the Expanse. Immense ship yards make up the lower half of the station, providing Rogue Trader’s with retrofitting and repair for their blessed warp ships. The upper half of the station is where the majority of the populous lives, where trade goods can be commissioned and sold, and where Rogue Traders and their crews can be found. It is a heavily defended structure sporting numerous weapons batteries, torpedo launchers, and void shield generators. The warships of Battlefleet Calixis also stop by the port on regular patrols making the gateway to the Maw a heavily guarded one.


Having docked into Port Wander and exiting the Phoenix, Jarrion Kahn and his party finally have their first taste of Port Wander. 3 large berths converge into a central Custom’s Area which operates as more as a crew processing area. The stench of unwashed bodies and the cacophony of noises from the various hawkers and petitioners is a vast contrast to the relative solitude that the Phoenix provided. From the Customs Area four exits provided egress into Port Wander, each being guarded by individual gangs or groups of armed men decorated by a common uniform, hair style, tatoos, etc.

Azrael noticed that one of the groups dressed in sleeves of blue had taken almost a personal interest into Jarrion. The assumed leader was a large, hairy man with an unkempt main of hair and full beard. The gang leaders left arm had been removed at the forearm which had been replaced with a rudimentary, mechanical claw. After notifying Jarrion of the stranger’s interest, the gang leader quietly saluted the Rogue Trader before other commotion interrupted the exchange.

The Kroot

8 tall humanoid figures pushed their way through the throng of people which had converged onto the Rogue Trader and his entourage. Their heads were decorated by a crest of quills and large beaks marked their face. They were armed with crude rifles that were decorated with sharp blades at various locations. Some of the aliens were using these rifles to force their way through the crowd of people. After a short time, it was apparent that the Xenos species were making their way towards the Rogue Trader.

Karina raised her plasma rifle in anticipation of trouble but the Xenos stopped roughly 5 meters away and spoke in a hooting version of Low Gothic. Out of the party, Jarrion was the most adept at understanding the alien accent and to the surprise of the group the leader introduced himself as Sherewll Widowmaker, of the Bonecrusher clan. Sherewll offered Jarrion that he and his clan brethren could be hired to be Jarrion’s Personal Guard.

Azrael’s hatred of xenos came out which one of the Kroot mistook for an insult. The rogue Kroot attacked Azrael in melee combat with startling agility. Jarrion’s party came to Azrael’s aid and after a few rounds the rogue Kroot was dead, his brethren watching dispassionately. Jarrion agreed to consider the Kroot’s offer and before leaving gave the Kroot permission to see to their dead brethren. The party saw each of the remaining 7 Kroot draw long jagged knives out and begin butchering their fallen brother, eating the creatures flesh raw.

Temple of the Machine God – Magos Vinar Loave

The party met with Magos Vinar Loave, an ancient and highly revered tech-priest. Magos Loave asked His Excelcior Magnificence Jarrion Khan if he would aid the tech-priests investigate a rogue astropathic transmission which they received a few months ago. The transmission’s protocol identified the source as coming from Research Facility Cygnus X-31, a station that manufactured and tested Geller Field Technology. Cygnus X-31 had originally housed some ancient archeotech components which allowed the tech-priests to modify the standard Geller Field template that most Imperial ships carry.

Magos Loave provided Jarrion and party with data-slates which contained pertinent information regarding the research facility, its history, its staff, as well as a copy of the original astropathic transmission. In compensation for investigating the transmission and returning Cygnus X-31 back to the hands of the tech-priests, Magos Loave stated that Jarrion’s father’s accounts would be considered to be paid in full.

To Jarrion’s surprise, Jarrion’s father had gambled with the family’s Writ of Trade and passed it’s possession over the the tech-priests of Port Wander in return for preferential treatment and the ministrations of the tech-priests. This freed up resources to be used in various financial endeavors which eventually Jarrion’s father made good on, increasing the family’s fortunes to its present standings today. This ‘deal’ that Magos Loave has offered certainly seems one-sided and much to the Rogue Trader’s benefit.

Cygnus X-31 Mission Parameters
  1. Investigate the astropathic emanation at its source
  2. Veryfiy whether or not Research Facilty Cygnus X-31 has survived
  3. Search for any survivors or in-tact data records
  4. Inform the Adeptus Mechanicus of any findings, return any data records or archeotech components if Cygnus X-31 is not found to be in stable condition
  5. Destroy Cygnus x-31 if found to have been corrupted by any Xeno or Demonic influences
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