Here Be Dragons

Port Wander - Exodus


Karina and Azrael Durst met with Mikkel at the unerworld tavern, Scum. She recognized him as being the leader of the blue sleeved gangers when Lord Jarrion and his crew stepped into the customs area. He had positioned himself in a private booth with his back to the wall facing the entrance. Seated beside him (and on the floor) was a scantily clad human with a shorn head. A collar and chain connected him to Mikkel’s mechendrite hand and throughout the interview he would whisper nonsense to Mikkel while staring at the Karina and Azrael.

Shortly after introductions were made Mikkel made it apparent for such an item the Arch-Militant was looking for certain favors would need to be made. He was relatively blunt with what knowledge he desired, information about who His Excelsior Magnificense Jarrion Khan, what his intentions in the expanse were, or anything that one in Karina’s position was privy too. In short, a spy would find Mikkel’s own captain very appreciative and offered that Lord Drago had considerable connections in the Expanse.

The meeting ended with a veiled threat that one outfitted such as Karina was, typically marked themselves as a prize worth vying for – if only for her armor. Implied was that Mikkel had the means of inhibiting or perhaps kidnapping her on the lower decks.


Azrael had managed to gleam some further information after pouring over the data slate provided by Magos Vinar Loave.

Included were requisition orders for various warp engine parts encoded within the original signal and a commentary from a [classified source] over concern about that status of the presence of the God-Machine onboard the Cygnus X-31. Standard protocol is to keep this information from non tech-priests. (This information is shared only if Azrael wishes to divulge this)

  1. Request for Interstellar Tugs indicate that Cygnus is to be relocated but no location is given as to where the transportation will take place.
  2. Such transportation is usually conducted under the auspices of the Imperial Navy to ensure its safety. Usually a Cruiser class ship and it’s supporting units would be used for such an endeavor – no such request was made/mentioned.
  3. A Deep Void Auger Array was also requested, something the research station was not designed to carry
  4. Cygnus X-31 was not fitted with any form of Astropathic Relay for such a transmission to take place.
Introduction of a New Rogue Trader

His Excelsior Magnificense Jarrion Khan made a rousing speech upon his introduction of the crew. The arrival of a new Rogue Trader is a rare occurrence for many aboard an interstellar vessel who tend to maybe only witness one such arrival. Jarrion’s speech inspired loyalty and profit to the crew whose duration at Port Wander had been limited to the confines of the San Diego. New officers were also introduced, Azrael would take overseership over the Teleportarium and would be Jarrion’s authority on all things Machine-God related. Arch-militant Karina would take over security of the ship and expressed the need of training ship personnel in military tactics. Chrysippus retained his position as the San Diego’s Senior Navigator and Jessica Ambrose was determined to replace the old Seneschal, Oryx Graves.

Mendicant Order of Saint Jormin the Eviscerated
Friar Z’Tang sat down to a private dinner with Jarrion Khan once he was permitted an audience. Z’Tang pressed the desire to gain passage aboard the San Diego with the ultimate aim of colonizing a new world in the name of the God-Emperor. Jarrion acquiesced and provided for Friar Z’Tang’s followers to be bunked in within the barracks.

Warp Storm

Chryssipus retained his position as Senior Navigator and resumed his place within the Navigator Pod once the San Diego was ready to leave Port Wander. His familiarity with the ship and the local warp became apparent when he announced that the first leg of the journey, to Footfall, would take a mere 15 days. On the third day, however, the ship encountered a minor warp anomaly which jarred the San Diego during its passage. Once the warp anomaly had been passed, routine systems and safety checks stumbled upon a dead body of a crew member that had been strung up and feasted on.

The report was brought to Karina’s attention by mBolo Kruuth, the ship’s chief Arbitor. The site of the gruesome murder even shook the experienced veteran as he informed Jarrion of what was found. Measures were taken to track down and find the killer and to try and keep the findings quiet.

Unfortunately, news did circulate that such a crime did happen with the investigation turning up more bodies as the security teams combed through the ship’s lower decks. Heightening the hysteria was the fact that the followers of St. Jormin saw the murder as a sign that the ship was cursed and staged passion plays throughout the ship’s passages in an attempt to purify it.

The Scalpers, the San Diego’s ‘shock troops’, also mentioned that they had often come across many strange creatures within the Tenebro Maze. The primitive hunters claimed that there were times when some of their number never returned from forays into the Maze and they believed a hunter of some sort lived within. Evidence finally presented itself when a group of Scalpers returned with a corpse of a mutant humanoid. The creature, they claimed, was immensely strong and slew a number of their party before it was brought down. This discovery gave Jarrion and his officer’s the evidence they needed to strike at those who preyed upon his crew.


The party was led by Crow, a Scalper tracker who had helped bring back the slain mutant. After roughly 2 hours of combing through the ship’s Maze the party came across evidence of recent activity. They surprised one such mutant but later drew attention to themselves which called upon a host of mutants. The party managed to secure a hallway and set up an overwatch as they waited for the mutants to make their way down the corridors towards them. Grenades and Azrael’s Heavy Bolter loosened the creatures up but after a couple of rounds the mutants were within melee combat of the party. This combat also marked the first time Jarrion and his officers had witnessed the power of the Navigator’s third eye as searing flashes of warp energy flickered about the crowded hallway, slicing into the mutants’ flesh and mind. Jarrion finished the last mutant off with a shot of his laser pistol to creature’s head. Once completed the officer’s took the heads of the mutants back as proof the ship had been freed from corrupt influences.


Blabble Rodell

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