Here Be Dragons

Phoenix Formal Dinner


The room is huge, opulent and impressive. The gothic-styled ceiling is at least 20 meters above the floor, the parts of the wall that aren’t decorated with artwork, trophies, or various artifacts seem to be made out of gold plates. At the forefront of the room is a large painting of a squad of Space Marines stepping upon heretics with The Phoenix stylized in the sky above. At the rear of the room is another painting with Sindalar standing in front of humongous beast which he seems to have slain personally with a servant squatting next to him.

Guillame Du Prieste, Marius Du Prieste and Isa Du Prieste are all in attendance. They are all dressed in deep red robes of exquisite quality and decorated with various priceless ornaments. All wear a cap that lies low on the forhead with a stylized third eye that is opened and colored the same red as their gowns. There are also servants which are dressed in black robes who have eyes tattooed on their forehead who seem to wait on the Navigator’s needs.

Guillame Du Prieste is a tall thin man with a severe countenance. Even though when you enter he is in conversation with his fellow Navigators he seems detached from them. He stands over 7 ft. tall and as you enter he gazes across the party, nodding slightly to the RT and letting his eyes linger but a moment on the Navigator.

Marius Du Prieste looks to have an athletic build. Dark hair and a thick beard mark his face though his eyes are sunken and red as if he suffers from a sickness. He also seems to be in an argument with Isa whose back is turned to you.

Isa Du Prieste is an extremely beautiful woman with blond hair and lighter features. She carries herself with an air of authority and is quite adept in etiquette and conversation. She will also enter into conversation with those of status.

Jessica Ambrose is dressed in the tans of a make-shift guardsman uniform (as is several of the servants in the room). She seems to get along with everyone equally well, most notably conversing with the servant staff comfortably.

Rahu Nail enters once everyone has been seated dressed in a slightly altered naval uniform. He walks into the room in his ramrod fashion and once near the head of the table states to the table that Sindalar regrets that he will once again be unable to attend dinner or make an appearance. With that he hopes that their guests will enjoy themselves and the hospitality of Friederick Sindalar and that of his crew. Food is served afterwards with the notable exception of Guillame Du Priest who has his own servants bring him food seperate of the rest of the guests by his own men.


Marius Du Prieste will attempt to start up conversation with the Navigator asking about his observations and experiences. He rarely gets to interact with others of the Navigator class as his junior status keeps him within the Navigator’s library, etc. Isa Du Prieste will take it upon her to entertain the RT with questions and small talk. She is very capable and pleasing to the eye. Guillame Du Prieste refrains from conversation unless addressed personally.

Conversation will undoubtedly go towards Edmund Cromwell‘s reason for being upon the ship. The senior staff of The Phoenix are more comfortable with their standing in the Imperium and therefore immune to the Inquisition’s arm (seemingly). They will press for details as to what exactly the Interrogator is present for believing that any reference to research is but a feint and trying to figure out who among them is the true target.

Rahu Nail will eventually interrupt the conversation stating that Sindalar, himself, approved the presence of the Interrogator and that any business that he has aboard The Phoenix will be facilitated by that of its crew. He will then turn to the RT and request a favor on behalf of Sindalar. He’ll admit that Sindalar has been taken ill lately and has refused visitors for some time. Knowing how important the Interrogator’s investigation is, he asks that the RT and his staff assist the Inquisition on its investigation.

He understands that they don’t have any ‘official’ authority, but he feels that their background in void faring will help the Interrogator cut through some of the customs and tensions that ship born clans often have of their planet bound counterparts.

Rahu Nail, after some questioning, sheds some light as to the events that he has been trying to keep secret.

  1. Sindalar was found comatose after a scheduled meeting with representatives of the Gohl-Raza Consortium. Lucius Ambrose was also present and found dead at the scene though evidence of gun play indicated that the two managed to give some fight before being overcome. Sindalar, has remained comatose to date.
  2. Rahu Nail was given orders before the meeting that if anything went wrong to find out what exactly the Corporation was wanting transported for such exorbitant rates. He said if foul play occured to track down the shipment, commandeer it and if he were still alive then to take him to [[Dr. Porter]] (Sindalar’s personal doctor left behind at Port Wander).
  3. Jessica Ambrose was able to find out who contracted with the Gohl-Raza Consortium and placed the contract with a ship called the Illustrious Dawn
  4. The Illustrious Dawn was tracked down, resisted being boarded and was eventually forced to surrender. The prize was apparently a number of extremely decorated preservation chambers used to transport live fauna and rare seed goods. For the next 6 months The Phoenix pursued the route of travel the Illustrious Dawn was to make, making contact with those who were a part of the trade ring and trying to find out exactly why Sindalar was attacked.
  5. At this time Rahu Nail will admit that the morale of the crew of The Phoenix are at an all-time low. Standard ship rations have been lowered to counteract the lack of trade that The Phoenix has been able to make, things like orbital leave have been cancelled, etc.
  6. He needs the presence of a RT as well as the anyone associated with the clergy who are known to be able to sway crew to stay true until he can figure out what exactly is going on.
  7. The last purchase that The Phoenix was to make was for a number of Radiation Emitters to be shipped to some prison planets. He doesn’t understand the relevance of these items, only that they are a string in a long line of goods that leads back to the Gohl-Raza Corporations assault on his RT.


Blabble Rodell

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