Here Be Dragons

Part IV: The Nightmare Mirror

The fate of those who came before our heroes...but do our heroes share this same fate?

Our intrepid explorers continued through the maze of the space hulk “Twilight” after hopefully being freed from the Beast’s wrath yet again. After negotiating some lesser traveled tunnels they came to a rusted blast door They tried to listen at the door before opening but nothing was heard through the heavy sound proof screen. Akiro, despite his puny physique managed to open by himself in an amazing show of non-character physical strength.

What awaited on the otherside was a gantry above a combination of fire, smoke, and a surprise assault by some Chaos raiders. A voice through the burning storage room screamed “Get down you fools!” as a flurry of bullets rained about them wounding them all with heavy stubber fire. The tech priest went down flying backwards through the open blast door and our heroes scrambled for cover. Two, Akiro and KArina made a dash (Karina firing her plasma rifle all the while) for the ruins of some stairs…Akiro fell down the stairs while Karina deftly navigated them. Captain Jarrion and Crysipus made the mistake of jumping for the floor some 20 feet down injuring themselves in the process but landing behind some boxes set aflame by the conflict.

Below two of Seventus’ Black Armsmen fought madly against a group of Chaos raiders nested in an overseers box on the opposing side of the room. They offered some suppressive fire allowing Karina and Akiro to advance to the second row of crates for cover. Jarrion blared away with his laspistol to no effect as beside him Chrysipus noticed the contents of the box in front of him “Live Munitions” things looked very bleak…and would look bleaker shortly.

A roar amidst the smoke signifed the return of the beast as it crawled along the ceiling towards the raiders. Chrysipus dubbing the creature “Cherry” and “Goldie” from it’s ability to cherry pick their kills and because of the flash of the golden object in it’s rapidly moving body tried to push flaming box ahead as cover but to no avail. Jarrion continued to fire failing to spot the beast managing to wound a raider but not take him down. Karina in her usual bravada pulled out her pistols and began to attack the raiders despite the creature. The armsmen continued to provide fire support. Akiro however opted to try and open the main door a similar large blast door as the one they entered…as he scrambled to it he heard a voice in his mind “Psst Over here!” but could not find its source.

As Karina advanced killing a pirate, Chrysipus noticed a child’s hand signallying him from a grate near to where Akiro first hid. When Karina looked inside she saw the Child Navigator Ghost signalling them to open the grate before disappearing. Akiro in his attempt to open the door was screamed at by the Armsmen “DON’T THERE’S MORE OUT THERE!!!”.

Meanwhile the beast entered the heavy stubber nest and amid shots that actually seemed to damage it began to make short work of the raiders. The armsmen too fired a few shots that seemed to cause a wound on the beast from their position. Our heroes, however, had decided to take the hint and in a cooperative effort wrenched the sealed grating from it’s rusted housing and dove down the hole one after another as the beast turned its attention to them.

First Akiro then Chrysipus as the beast began to near their position, then Jarrion as the creature dismanted the Armesmen. Finally in a few sheer seconds of evading the beast’s razor sharp talons Karina dove blindly into the narrow chute after her companions with the beast’s growls of anger echoing behind them as they slid into the darkness…

The chute terminated into a dark sump room with pipes eminating from all angles and bones along the floor. Stange scribbling writing was etched onto every possible surface. Quickly Karina spied a dusty figure in the corner and slowly advanced upon it while Chrysipus found some saint figurines in a nitche and Akiro bumped into a makeshift hotplate. Jarrion read the writing with his lamp “Anything to survive” was etched thousands of time with some sharp implement.

Karina knocking the dust away from the prone figure in the corner revealed the mummified corpse of an old woman with teeth filed needle sharp wearing power armor fashioned much like her own. The writing on the wall nearby mocking the credo that has allowed her to make it this far in life. In this moment of horror some people minds would have snapped…Karina, ever the unflapable one, took the corpse’s mumified head with her citing that it must be a future version of herself and the she would need to study it closer. If only one could have seen the looks on her companions’ faces.

Crawling through tunnels while losing valuable time our exploeres came to an open area and a ladder leading upwards. Jarrion’s directional prognisticator indicated that they were within .5 Kilometers of the ship’s gellar field but time was running short. Despite this Karina took the time to apply some medicae to her fellow explorers…in the end only giving Chrysipus a slight bit of help with a painkiller/vitamin injection to stave off some of the pain and infection.

The ladder went upwards terminating in an empty hanger missing a section of wall…beyond it stretched a huge cavern formed on the interior of the Twilight…the floor strewn with rusted equipment, powerful spot lumens now dark, and bones…many bones. Across it through the dark was spied a ships hull exposed and forming the far wall of the cavern. As Jarrion’s lamps traced over it the golden letters were spied “San Jose”. Moving forward at a brink but cautious pace a tell-tale tingling passed through the explorers signifying their movement through a gellar field. Perhaps this would stave off the demonic beast should it find them again!

Nearing the “San Jose” the cargo door was spied in the same location as the one on the “San Diego”. Moving up to it via rickety platform made of rusting scafolding and rocks Karina fell through but our adventures’ oversight in roping themselves up saved her a nasty fall. The dataslate next to the door retracted when Akiro blew the dust from it causing a momentary questioning from our explorers before an anchient servo skull emerged to analyze them. After a few moments of silence a voice intoned “Oh Captain, it’s you. Welcome back aboard.” and the blast doors to the cargo bay opened after years of being sealed showering our explorers with frigid cold. Before it sealed back up the howl of the beast roared again from the far side of the cavern. It had found them…but could it pass the Gellar field and enter the sealed ship?


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