Here Be Dragons

Chapter II: The Brat

Footfall - Inbound Return to Footfall

Returning from Cygnus 9 with the Tech Priest Temple salvaged from the temple deep in the hold things appeared to be looking up for the captain, crew, and officers of the "San Diego. The voyage had resulted in several notewothy items as detailed below:

  • Moderate damage to the San Diego with no critical system affected due to a warp beast’s attack. Crew numbers were down but not to critical levels.
  • The discovery of a forgotten system dubbed “Eden” that included an inhabitable moon base with extensive mining capabilities and a planet that was roughly 1/3 ariable and settleable (the other 2/3 being radioactive ruins.) The friendly inhabitants of the moonbase were transported from their generational home on the moon to the planet along with the cult that was living in the hold. This small settlement will need to be developed and has potential regarding agro-development and archeotech salvaging. Although the captain needs to send additional supplies he had not had the opportunity to as of yet.
  • The destruction of the Cygnus 9 space station after discovering that Dr. Reinhart had converted all the populace into servitors and captured a “warp seedling” within a gellar field. Riehart was slain after taunting Jarrion one too many times with his haughty attitude and the beast was destroyed by a hail of heavy bolter fire from that amazingly destructive techpriest Azrael Durst. Afterward a Jarrion destroyed the station by sending in demolition units.
  • The tech priest temple was miraculously unscathed from the demolition and despite it’s size fit snugly in the cargo hold of the San Diego. In transportaion back to Footfall immmidiately noticed was the affect on the astropaths of the San Diego. The very presence of the temple caused a warp corruption that caused the poorly trained junior astropaths to lose their minds and effectively “burn out”.

Upon retuning to nefarious Footfall and in seeking minor repairs as well as a replacement atropath who had moderate enough training to withstand the simple but constant warptaint of the salvaged temple Jarrion’s immense luck and charism caused him to meet a repair chief by the name of “Jagan”, a new comer to Footfall from other parts and perhaps one of the few honest and capable repair crews. Jagan’s crew would,in a week, manage to repair the San Diego and they were rewarded with a more than modest tip.

The hunt for an astropath was anything but easy as the Atropath’s official guild was not amible to the request and had no quality astropath’s to spare. Indeed the rumors were that even unsanctioned atropaths were nearly impossible to find at the moment. After meeting and charming a local merchant “Simon” Jarrion and company learned a few simple facts regaring Footfall and were told to look for a halfway house and bar for the unsanctioned and rejected psykers of Footfall called “The Sanctuary” past the habs and into a darker portion of Footfall.

Meanwhile a shanghaid Astropath by the name of “Akiro” was pouring somberly over a tea bought with his last few coppers in that very place. Sickened (emotionally) by the constant psychic wailings of those more pathetic (for the present) than himself he went outside to gather as fresh as air as Footfall’s worst quarters can offer. On the way out a fortune teller asked for a throne too tell fortune, the old woman refused to be denied and grabbed Akiro and cause the room to fade to a strange warp nightmare. Her dark fortune told of a new master and dark things to come…it ended as soon as it began snapping back to reality and the soothsayer was replaced by a senile woman selling lho sticks and tinders. Akiro’s solid training kept him from being fazed too badly but a dark warp taint seemed to be following him as he went outside to releive himself from the fright.

Once in the alley and releiving himself Akiro found himself cornered by 5 thungs looking to beat a “mutie” to pulp and if not for the timely and fortunately interuption of Jarrion (and more vitally Karina and her bolt pistols). The thungs were reduced to pulp themselves. Akiro seemed to have instantly found his new “master” as Jarrion his much needed Astropath. All did not settle well with Chrysipus who detected the strange warp taint on the newly aquisitioned astropath…and in the return journey (excellently plotted by that same navigator) to Port Wander to relay needs to Kahn family that dark warp taint manifested itself in a dream that visibly upset Captain Jarrion.

In this dream Jarrion was a child again and relived his fateful moments with his “Auntie Lucretzia”, a woman many others despised and the only child of black sheep Rodrigo Kahn. In the end Jarrion woke up in cold sweats after Lucretzia revealed a portrait of her father…all he could remember were Rodrigo’s eyes…and how similar they were to Lucrezia’s and his own.

Arrival at Port Wander and the delivery of the was cut short. Station Commander Larius Sans requested immediate presence in his office. The gruff commander revealed that his uncle, the previous station commander despised Jarrion’s father…which endeared Jarrion to himself prior to meeting him. More importantly the son of the grand high admiral had arrived, one Seventus Wintermount. Seventus, an obnoxious but powerful naval captain demanded a local rogue trader as an “escourt” and “guide” in his quest to destroy a troublesome sorcerer. As the sole rogue trader Jarrion was forced to take on the job all the while suffering constrant insults from the pompous Seventus.

On one positive note was the delivery of Jarrion’s birthright: his writ of trade given from Vignar Loave. This means that Jarrion is now a full Rogue Trader and capable of all that lays before him.

After the obnoxious insults of Seventus ceased and the crew rapidly readied the ship. Upon being given coordinates for their first waypoint Chrysipus made a fantastic navigational charting and our intrepid crew was off towards Footfall and beyond…


Blabble Blabble

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