Here Be Dragons

Chapter II: Part 2 Gavin's Run

Transit Period from Footfall to Gavin's Run, Winterscale's Realm

Strange dreamlike visions/walking nightmares seem to stalk our intrepid band of voidfarers. First, upon navigating to the first steps through the Maw towards Footfall, Karina was attacked by a warp-possessed cleaning woman whose warpfire embrace brought back flashbacks of her survivals and what seems have become her default credo.

Rapid memories of her defilement and training as a pirate, surviving the inquisitorial space attack, and planetside desperate scramble to remain alive at all costs seemed to bring back the words of Vorgen, the pirate who she enlisted with and betrayed willingly as an act of revenge. The words still seem to ring in her mind: “Anything to survive.”

When arriving to “The Temple” waypoint we met “Maxim’s Gambit” and it’s friendly captain, Rogue Trader Abel Garritt. Abel voxed friendly but the communication was cut off by an angry Seventus who disdained “chit-chat”. This left a wary mark on captain Kahn. To boot our astropath Akiro both received a warning from Farseer Seranon and established a professionally friendly raporte with Seventus’ telepath. The former and the latter were both about Seventus, a warning that he “is and is not what he seems” from Seranon and a note that his crew both fears and disdains him.

The journey to “The Graveyard” was just as eventful as Chrysipus met with what appeared to be a full fledged witch-hunting Inquisitor who pursued him briefly before pinning him to the wall with a stilletto that seemed to null his powers. After delivering a taunting warning of possession and displaying knowledge of his mother the inquisitor seemed to put a bolter shell into Chrysipus’ skull. The effect was only partly a dream and as he woke up he realized that he was indeed attacked but by the assassin haunting the corridors dressed as an offficer. It appeared that Chrtsipus’ fleeing triggered fear of discovery and that Chrysipus’ “inneffective” psyattacks truly did have effect melting the assassin’s mind before he could deliver the final blow.

At “The Graveyard” we met up with a pilgrim ship flaunting a distress call. The Kahn seemed to be wary to act but his astropath and crew encouraged him to ask Seventus who was barely cooperative and only so because of the successes of Chrysipus and Akiro as superior examples of their kind. As the “San Diego” both quickly and carefully moved in to rescue the pilgrims they found that the beacon was in fact quite real and the stranded pilgrims were the result of a pirate attack that scuttled the ship after killing the crew and taking any useful passengers and cargo.

Lest to bring the wrath of Seventus’ ship down upon them Jarrion moved the crew quickly into the Warp with a brilliant plan by his Navigator they set a record in arriving to Footfall. Seventus bode them to continue to Winterscale’s realm without pause and the captain took the time to get to know his new charges (the pilgrims.)

Several simple things were learned about the Pilgrims and of the Cargo that Seventus loaded them with: 1. The cargo is non-warp tainted. 2. They were both pilgrims and farmers from a Feudal world. 3. They are essentially uneducted idiots incapable of much beyond farming and religious vigor. 4. Three of them are latent psykers. (young and not yet presenting capable talents). 5. A few of them have some martial capabilities Karina may be able to use them for some melee troops.

Seventus pushed our intrepid heroes past Footfall and to the final destination of “Gavin’s Run” an asteroid laden system which left them on their own and defending from 4 raiders and a light cruiser inbound. Due only to the heroic maneuvering of our intrepid crew they evaded the chaos pirates for 3 hours sustaining no damage themselves while dealing a small amount in return. At the end of the third hour Seventus and his escourts arrived and proceded to tear everything up making a beeline for the “Feast of Crows” Light Cruiser.

While our heroes made a hit and run attack on a heretic raider “King’s Folly” setting it ablaze, the “Shining Hope”‘s escorts routed the remaining raiders. Seventus had a greater target in mind: with a heavy salvo of torpedoes the “Shining Hope of Cadia” caused the heretic capital ship to lose control and careen into an asteroid field with no chance of evading the rocks it hurtled towards. With one final explosion it tore open reality in it’s death throes…unleashing a monsterous warp gate that poured forth a titanic space hulk over 20 kilometers long: the space hulk designated code-name “Twilight” and memorable due to it’s bearing of ill omens whenever spotted.

It is a monster amalagam of rock and dead starship wrecks still pulsing with the power of the warp. Seventus’s monsterous battlecruiser dwarfed by this new entry to reality managed to evade it, but what does this titan of the warp hold?


Blabble Blabble

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